Choice and flexibility

More choice and flexibility with checking in and out of public transport. That’s what matters at OVpay. We believe that deciding and choosing for yourself is also important when it comes to privacy. This also concerns how your personal data is used and by whom. Sometimes we would like to know something about you so we can improve paying in public transport, with your help.

Privacy of OVpay

We only share your private data with third parties that have a formal agreement with us. This means the privacy of your private data will be secured. So when you provide your private data to us you will not receive any messages from third parties with whom we do not have any agreements.

Privacy statements

We have compiled the way we handle your personal data in our privacy statements.

We handle your personal data with confidentiality. Your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which you submitted it. Neither do we process any more personal data than is absolutely necessary.

For what purposes does Translink process your personal data?

  • To answer your questions if you filled in the contact form on the website.
  • To send you emails if you registered to be informed about new developments on OVpay. 
  • To record your registration as an OVpay Pioneer.
  • To send you emails if you registered as an OVpay Pioneer.

Edits and additions

Translink may edit or add new information to the privacy statements. We therefore recommend that you check this page regularly. If any major changes occur in one of the privacy statements, this will be stated clearly on the website.