How it works

Who is OVpay for?

How do I contact OVpay?

What is OVpay?

Can I keep using the OV-chipkaart I have now?

Why do we need OVpay?

When will OVpay be starting?

What public transport companies will I be able to use OVpay with?

Who’s participating in OVpay?

Where can I share my feedback on OVpay?

I have a complaint or comment about checking in and out with the debit card.

How to travel with OVpay

Where can I pay with OVpay?

Who can I contact for press questions or interview request?

What happens to my student discount?

Payment methods

What payment methods can I use to check in and out?

Do I have to take my debit or credit card out of my wallet or phone case when I check in and out?

I want to check in using the e-ticket on my phone, but my digital wallet keeps showing up.

My debit or credit card is being refused to check in and out in public transport and I want to object to this. Where can I do this?

I have a missed check in or out, what now?

What to do when I'm asked if I have checked in?

What about privacy?

I have checked in and out using my debit card, but I do not see a transaction in my bank statement.

I can’t check in and out with a Knab debit card.

An amount has been debited

What should I do if a wrong amount was debited from my bank account?

How will the money from my missed check-in or -out be refunded?

Why was an amount of € 0,- debited from my credit card?

What happens after I editted my missed check in or out?

Trip overview and travel costs

Where can I find an overview of my travel history and costs?

It currently says 'name unknown' on my travel history. What does this mean?

OVpay app

Is there an app available?

What you can I do in the OVpay app?

Who is the OVpay app for?

Do I need an account for the OVpay app?

When can I start using the OVpay app?

Which payment options can I add to the OVpay app?

Can I also add my OV-chipkaart to the OVpay app?

Is it possible to pay my outstanding amount using the beta OVpay app?

Do I need the OVpay app in order to pay with Apple Pay or Google Wallet while using public transport?

On which operating system does the OVpay app work?

Can I still use or download the beta OVpay app?

How long can I keep using the beta version of the OVpay app?